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A Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatment Plan

Dizziness can affect your safety or limit your mobility. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that has contributed to dizzy spells, your primary doctor may recommend that you undergo vestibular rehabilitation sessions. These sessions will help you retain your balance and improve your posture. The Assessment Your primary caregiver will conduct a physical exam, to determine what type of medical condition you have. Old age, nerve or brain injuries, poor posture, an inner ear disturbance, and migraines can contribute to dizzy spells. Read More 

The Advantages of Getting Professional Cataract Surgery for Your Eyes

As you get older, you may develop cataracts that negatively affect your vision. It can be challenging for you to live with them. They can put your health and safety at risk. Instead of compromising the quality of life that you live because of them, you can have your cataracts removed. You can benefit from undergoing professional cataract surgery to improve your eyesight. Improving Your Vision The foremost benefit of cataract surgery involves improving your vision. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Group Therapy Addiction Counseling

If you have a substance abuse or addiction problem, then you might be offered the choice of individual or group therapy. While individual therapy has benefits, some people also find it useful to work in a group. What are the advantages of group therapy? 1. Get Moderated Support You might be worried about how group therapy works. You might be anxious that you will find it hard to work with other people and to talk about your problems in a group environment. Read More 

5 Conditions That Require Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery involves procedures that are performed to correct spinal problems, injuries, or deformities. Spinal surgery is used to treat conditions such as fractures of the spinal bones or spinal discs that have shifted out of place or ruptured. It also includes surgeries done to take pressure off the spinal cord if it has been compressed due to spinal tumors or spinal cord injury. Spinal surgery is a life-saving procedure that can help treat the following conditions: Read More 

5 Tips To Follow After An Electric Shock

Speed is of the essence if someone suffers an electrical shock. Although it's vital to first call 911 or a medical office for electrical injury care, it's also important to begin life-saving treatment while awaiting the arrival of the emergency medical team. 1. Clear the Area of Risks Do not rush in to help a shock victim unless you are sure that the source of the shock has been severed. This means shutting down electricity to the devices that have caused the shock. Read More